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  • M.F.A. in Writing & Poetics. Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics, Naropa University, Boulder, CO. May 2002. Concentration: Poetry.
  • Poetry Manuscript: Moving Potential For Noncenter (unpublished).
  • Critical Thesis: “Disidentification, the Nonstable Subject, and Co-resignification in kari edwards’ Novel, a day in the life of p.


Semester Courses

  • Nature Poetry for the 21st Century with Andrew Schelling. Poetry writing. Fall 2000.
  • Postmodern U.S. Poetry with Anselm Hollo. Literature. Fall 2000.
  • Liberation Now! Text to Performance with Anne Waldman. Creative writing. Spring 2001.
  • Eco-Literature with Jack Collom. Literature and creative writing. Spring 2001.
  • Project Outreach with Jack Collom. Teaching writing workshops in the community. Spring 2001.
  • The Word, Image and Book with Amy England. Literature, creative writing, and art.
  • Creative Reading and Writing with Anne Waldman. Independent Studies: lit. and poetry writing. Spring 2002.
  • Critical Thesis and Creative Manuscript. Anselm Hollo, advisor. Spring 2002.


Weekend Workshops

  • Designing a Writing Workshop with Jack Collom. Fall 2000.
  • Rhizomic Poetics with Anne Waldman. Poetry Writing. Fall 2000.
  • Small Press Publishing with Andrew Schelling. Spring 2001.


Courses Outside Poetry Concentration

  • Diversity Workshop Phase I with Sherry Weston. Spring 2001.
  • Diversity Workshop Phase II with Sherry Weston. Fall 2001.
  • White Allies Workshop. Three sessions. Spring 2001.
  • T’ai Chi Ch’uan I with Bataan Faigo. Contemplative Studies. Fall 2001.


Writing/Literature Workshops at the Summer Writing Program, Naropa University

  • Journals and Notebooks: The Story of Your Life with Joanne Kyger. 2000.
  • Whose Voice? with Rae Armantrout. 2000.
  • Lost in Translation with Andrew Schelling. 2000.
  • Swamp Formalism with Jack Collom. 2000.
  • MFA Poetry Writing class with Anne Waldman. 2000.
  • Picture Theories with Jena Osman. 2001.
  • Writing the Queer Text with kari edwards. 2001.
  • Print shop/book making class with Charles Alexander. 2001.
  • Notes on Being a Nomad with Bhanu Kapil. 2001.
  • MFA Poetry Writing class with Anne Waldman. 2001.
  • Other Sources: Poetry and Science with Marcella Durand. 2008.
  • Elective the Grain Writerly with Laura Mullen. Altered books. 2008.
  • Investigative Poetics: Public Mourning, Private Grief with Kristin Prevallet. 2008.
  • Necessary Failure(s): Translating the untranslatable, saying the unsayable with Anna Moschovakis. 2008.
  • Comedy and Nature with Jack Collom. 2009.
  • Endangered/Engendered: What’s hidden? What’s revealed? with Anne Waldman. 2009.
  • Where Canon is Fluid: Contemporary Chinese Poetry with Zhang Er. 2009.
  • Stealing the Dictionary with Max Regan. 2011.
  • Ecology of Language: Thoreau’s Walden with Jed Rasula. 2011.

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  • B.A. in Creative Studies. College of Creative Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara. June 1997. Concentration: Literature.


Young Scholars Summer Program, College of Creative Studies

  • Writing with Robyn Bell. Creative writing. Summer 1990.
  • Art CS 1-1: Drawing with Marie Schoeff. Art studio: drawing. Summer 1991.
  • Art CS 1-2: Painting with Tim Schiffer. Art studio: painting. Summer 1991.


Courses in Literature Concentration

  • The Poetry of Stevens, Williams, and Bishop with John Wilson. Literature. Fall 1993.
  • Life, Death, Insanity, Art, Science, Quality, Zen, and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Student teacher: Michael Murdoch. Advisor: Logan Speirs. Literature. Fall 1993.
  • Experiments in Narrative with Caroline Allen. Creative prose writing. Fall 1993.
  • Shakespeare with Logan Speirs. Literature. Winter 1994.
  • Letters of Mozart, Van Gogh, Darwin, and Pound with John Wilson. Lit. and creative writing. Winter 1994.
  • Poetry in Forms with Robyn Bell. Poetry writing. Winter 1994.
  • Chinese and Japanese Poems with John Wilson. Literature. Spring 1994.
  • Chaucer’s Troilus and Criseyde with Caroline Allen. Literature. Spring 1994.
  • Versewriting with Robyn Bell. Poetry writing. Spring 1994.
  • Emily Dickinson’s Bookmaking with Robyn Bell. Literature. Fall 1994.
  • Recent Poetry by Women with Logan Speirs. Literature. Fall 1994.
  • Imitations in Poetry with John Wilson. Poetry writing. Fall 1994.
  • Seven Modern Poets from Seven Different Countries with John Wilson. Literature. Winter 1995.
  • Wallace Stevens with Kia Penso. Independent studies: literature. Spring 1995.
  • Modern Japanese Novels with John Wilson. Literature. Spring 1995.
  • Poetry in Pairs with John Wilson. Poetry writing. Spring 1995.
  • 19th and 20th Century Comic Novels with Caroline Allen. Independent studies: literature. Fall 1995.
  • Yeats & Frost with John Wilson. Literature. Fall 1995.
  • Poetry Workshop with Eavan Boland. Poetry writing. Fall 1995.
  • Three Poets: Marvell, Wordsworth, and Stevens with Kia Penso. Literature. Fall 1996.
  • Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales with John Ridland. Literature. Winter 1997.
  • More Experiments in Narrative with Caroline Allen. Independent studies: creative prose writing. Winter 1997.
  • English Renaissance Poets with Kia Penso and Alan Stephens. Literature. Spring 1997.
  • Milton with Robyn Bell. Literature. Spring 1997.
  • Versewriting with John Wilson. Independent studies: poetry writing. Spring 1997.
  • Literature Symposium. Attended for several quarters between 1993 and 1997.
  • Research Colloquium with Kia Penso. Winter 1997.


Art Courses

  • The Humorous, Erotic, and Spiritual in Art with Colin Gray. Art studio and philosophy. Winter 1995.
  • Image and Text in the Book Form with Inge Bruggeman. Art studio: book arts. Spring 1997.
  • Art Symposium. Attended for several quarters between 1993 and 1997.
  • Film Symposium with Caroline Allen. Winter 1994.
  • Music 15: Music Appreciation. Fall 1993.
  • The History of Jazz with Margaret Mayer. Spring 1995.
  • Folk Dance: Beginning Ballroom with Ken Ota. Spring 1995.


General Courses

  • Spanish 1 with Margaret Szymanski. Elementary Spanish. Winter 1994.
  • Spanish 2 with Pablo Brescia. Elementary Spanish. Fall 1994.
  • Spanish 3 with Chris Ransden. Elementary Spanish. Winter 1995.
  • Geology 30: The History of Life with Bruce Tiffney. Natural history, evolution, and geology. Fall 1996.
  • Victorian Natural History. Student teacher. Advisor: Bruce Tiffney. Natural history and literature. Winter 1995.
  • Math for Non-majors with Max Weiss. History of numerals, basic set theory. Winter 1995.



  • The Art of Mythology: Goddesses and Dream Girls with Rosalind Wholden. Art history and studio. Winter 1996.
  • Philosophy course with Kia Penso. Literature. 1996?
  • Unusual Narrative with Robyn Bell. Literature. Winter 1999.
  • Grammar and Verse with John Ridland. Winter 1999.
  • Essay Writing with Caroline Allen. Literature and writing. Winter 1999.
  • Ben Johnson and Robert Herrick with Alan Stephens. Literature. Spring 1999.

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  • Earth 111: Physical Geology with Karl Halbach and Jan Dependahl. Geology with lab. Spring 1993.
  • Earth 132: Death Valley Field Trip with Carl Sundbeck. Geology. Spring 1993.
  • Earth 133: Colorado Plateau Field Trip with Karl Halbach. Geology. Spring 1993.
  • Spanish 101 with Yadira Llort. Elementary Spanish. Spring 1993.
  • Wood Carving with Rica Coulter. Adult Education. 1999.
  • Theater Arts 111: Beginning Acting with Michael Downey. Theater acting. Spring 2003.