Ioana B. Jucan is an interdisciplinary performance-maker and researcher working at the intersection of theatre performance, philosophy, and new media. In recent years, she has been developing—both in practice and theoretically—a form of theatre that mediates between philosophy and politics. She has performed her work nationally and internationally at venues in Rhode Island, Baltimore, Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, Romania, United Kingdom, Germany, and Finland. She is an alumna of the Watermill Summer Program under the artistic direction of Robert Wilson. Jucan’s creative and scholarly writing has been published in journals (TDR: The Drama Review, Nerve Lantern, Parallax, Liminalities, Revista Caracteres, and others) and edited collections (This and That: Essays on Live Art and Performance Studies, Adorno and Performance). Her book of performance pieces, Cosmology of Worlds Apart, is forthcoming from O Balthazar Press. Jucan is currently completing a PhD in Theatre & Performance Studies at Brown University.

Ioana Jucan is a contributor to Nerve Lantern issue 7 and suppl. issue 1.


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