How to Order

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Pyriform Press does not offer subscriptions.

To order copies of Nerve Lantern:

Step 1: Email your order to Ellen Redbird, with the following info:

(1) your full name
(2) your email address
(3) your mailing address
(4) titles and issue numbers, indicating if each is a printed book or a digital book (pdf)
(5) how many copies you wish to purchase of each title/issue
(6) payment method request: check (US domestic orders only) or PayPal (see Step 3)

Step 2: Ellen Redbird will email you a confirmation reply. This reply is not immediate or automated. Ellen will send it as soon as she can.

Step 3: The confirmation reply will either ask for more info (if clarification is needed for the info you provided or forgot to provide—see Step 1) or tell you the amount due and respond to your payment method request:

International Orders: For orders shipped to areas outside the U.S.A., you will receive a PayPal invoice email*, which will give you a chance to pay via PayPal. For orders of printed books, you will be charged a shipping cost in addition to the total price of the items ordered. The shipping cost is calculated based on the mailing address you submitted and the weight of the package. For each digital book (pdf) order, no shipping is charged.

Domestic Orders: For orders shipped within the U.S.A., you have the choice of mailing a check or paying via PayPal. If you requested to pay by check, you will be asked to write it for the total price of the order and to make it payable to Karen Weiss (NOT Pyriform Press or Ellen Redbird). You will be asked to mail the check to: 363 Cannon Green Dr. Apt. C, Goleta, CA, 93117. If you requested to pay via PayPal, you will receive a PayPal invoice email* for a chance to pay via PayPal. Shipping is free for domestic shipments of printed books.

Step 4: When Ellen Redbird receives your check or Paypal payment, she will send you your order. Printed books will be shipped to the mailing address you specified. Digital books (pdf) will be emailed to the email address you specified. Ellen will email you a receipt of payment and notification of shipment. Please allow 2-4 weeks for the shipping process.

*Even though the PayPal invoice email is called an “invoice,” you will be asked to pay it before your order is shipped to you. This is the way Ellen Redbird is able to give you the option of PayPal.

Cancellation / Refunds / Errors

You can cancel your order and receive a refund only if the titles you ordered have not yet been shipped. Email Ellen Redbird to request a cancellation. However, for orders already shipped, NO cancellations will be accepted, NO product returns will be accepted, and NO refunds will be given. If you feel a mistake has occurred, and you have not received your items within 2-4 weeks of your order, then please email Ellen Redbird so she can correct the situation. Feel free to email any questions you have about the ordering process.

More Info

  • Pyriform Press only accepts US Dollars.
  • Pyriform Press conducts business in English.
  • Pyriform Press is unofficially, but for all intents and purposes, a not-for-profit. Any money from sales goes to pay part of the cost of materials, printing, publicity, and postage.
  • When purchasing titles from Pyriform Press, your payment will go to an account for Karen Weiss, who buys materials for Pyriform Press.

Nerve Lantern is a labor of love. Your support means a great deal to the Nerve Lantern contributors and volunteers.

Thank you!