Laura-Marie Taylor is a poet and zinester. Her current projects include mental health zine functionally ill 20, poetry zine hat genius 10, autobiographical alphabet zine lost child, prayer zine I knew how to sing but not how to pray, unsent letters zine fish letters 3, quote zine Fun Is Free, gardening zine gardening is for eaters, and activist zine Demonstrators on Roadway: 25 MPH. Previous projects include poetry zines uncomfortable, pocket trick, and Erik and Laura-Marie Magazine issues 1 – 52. She had a book and chapbook published in previous decades.  She was once a teacher. Now she’s an activist super-volunteer for Nevada Desert Experience, an interfaith peace organization, and can be found around Las Vegas, Nevada, holding a sign that says “no torture, no drones.” She likes queerness, radical mental health, and pumpkin smoothies. Visit her at

Laura-Marie Taylor is a contributor to Nerve Lantern issue 10.


last updated 2-18-17