LuLu LoLo is a New York based international performance artist, playwright/actor, historian, and activist. LuLu has written and performed eight one-person plays Off-Broadway that evolve from her passion for historical research and social justice, especially as pertaining to the dramatic struggle of women in New York City’s past, exemplified by subjects such as the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire; the lesbian lover of murder victim Kitty Genovese; women who fought in the civil war disguised as men; and the shameful treatment of the women consigned to the Magdalene Laundries in Ireland. LuLu’s latest performance art project: “Where are the Women Monuments?” highlights the lack of public monuments honoring women in New York City. Other performance art projects: “Loretta, the Telephone Operator,” “The Gentleman of 14th Street,” “14th Street NewsBoy,” and “Pilgrimage by Proxy: Paris Chapter,” a series of symbolic journeys in Paris on behalf of people. She has also performed as “Mother Cabrini” in Campagna, Italy; Paris; New Orleans; and New York. LuLu was a 2013 Blade of Grass Fellow in social engagement and a Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Writer in Residence in 2008. LuLu is a board member of the Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition, the Vito Marcantonio Forum, and the City Reliquary Museum in Brooklyn.

LuLu LoLo is a contributor to Nerve Lantern issues 8 and 10.


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