Soma Feldmar received her MFA in Writing & Poetics from Naropa University in 2005. She is currently working on her PhD in English from SUNY Buffalo. Feldmar’s interests lie in the relationship between language and ethics, with a focus on particular poetries and poetics as ethical / poethical. Her understanding of ethics and language is based on the work of Levinas, Kristeva, and ontological theories of ethics. Her dissertation is on Robin Blaser’s work as a poethics. Other, Feldmar’s first book of poetry, was published in 2009 from Capilano University Editions, out of North Vancouver, BC, Canada. She was an active member of Buffalo Poets Theater for 3 seasons from 2010 – 2012, performing in productions of Carla Harryman’s Memory Play, Gertrude Stein’s Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights, and Diane Di Prima’s Murder Cake. Originally from Vancouver, BC, Canada, Soma Feldmar currently lives in Buffalo, NY, with her cat, Victor.

Soma Feldmar is a contributor to Nerve Lantern issue 4.


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