The Ascension Prophecy|{Paper} #9


Pyriform Press is honored to present
The Ascension Prophecy|{PAPER} #9
a performance ritual by
La Vonne Natasha Caesar

This handbound book is a new manifestation of the poetry-filled ritual originally performed by La Vonne Natasha Caesar and Joyce LeeAnn on October 3, 2012, at the Amarachi Lounge in Brooklyn, New York.

The performance begins and ends with the Vedic Agni Hotra ritual while, at its heart, light sparkles off the shards of a personal story. Two character versions of La Vonne’s self perform musically rich poetry that explores a shattering experience—waking from a coma and overcoming a traumatic brain injury—and transforms it into a resonant celebration of renewed perception and life.

To purchase a copy of
The Ascension Prophecy|{PAPER} #9,
please email a query to the author at:

TheLightHouseVibration at gmail dot com


About the Author


La Vonne Natasha Caesar (Jaguar Phoenix) is a poet and healer. She is the founder of The Light House (a holistic healing house call service) and MantraTea (a medicinal tea company). She is a Yoga Alliance certified Hatha Yoga instructor, Kemetic Yoga instructor, Thai Yoga massage practitioner, Reiki Level II attuned healer, holistic doula, and shamanic apprentice. She is responsible for the revival of The Black Pussy Revolution, Part 1 (2008) and is the author of Mourning|Mirrors {for Akilah Oliver}, a limited edition run chapbook published and beautifully handmade by Shadow Mountain Press. In 2008, she was the recipient of the Zora Neale Hurston Scholarship from Naropa University’s Summer Writing Program, and her poem “The Missionary Position (for Guyana)” was awarded Honorable Mention by judge Nikki Giovanni in New Millennium Writings’ 2010 poetry prize. She has a BA in French from Andrews University and speaks Spanish, French, and English. On May 26, 2010, she was hit by a speeding car while on foot and knocked into a coma. After waking up with a traumatic brain injury, she (re)learned how to walk, read, write, and speak coherently, then went on to complete her MA in English (Creative Writing) at California State University, Los Angeles. This project, The Ascension Prophecy|{PAPER} #9, was originally performed on her 33rd birthday, 3 years after the experience she now refers to as her Car Miracle. It exists as a celebration of Life, Love, & The Infinite Return. Thank you for reading. Thank you for co-creating.

For tea, massage, poetry, and (other) births, deaths, or transitions, email her at:

TheLightHouseVibration at gmail dot com

Learn more about La Vonne Natasha Caesar at The Light House


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