May 122015


Ellen Redbird is pleased to announce that

Joel Allegretti & Jay Besemer

will be guest editing a new supplemental digital issue of Nerve Lantern!

These two fine writers will bring fresh editorial perspective to the journal, which should enrich the community and broaden the scope of the Nerve Lantern vision.

Redbird looks forward to the issue they put together and encourages everyone to submit work.

A call for submissions will be posted soon.


Joel Allegretti


Jay Besemer


Jan 042014


Don’t worry, Ellen Redbird is still making Nerve Lantern books from 100% recycled paper and waxed linen thread, lovingly folding and binding by hand. The $10 price helps buy materials.

But in case you want an issue fast and electric for half the price, Pyriform Press now offers you digital (pdf) copies! The $5 price helps keep the project going.

And with the new PayPal invoice option, you can both buy and read Nerve Lantern while at the computer! It just takes a bit of email correspondence with the eager Redbird. Oh, and an application that reads pdf files.

However, cozy up assured that you can still order a book made of paper that will softly reflect sunlight.

How to Order:

Dec 172013

Nerve Lantern issue 6Want to order a copy of Nerve Lantern? You might find it easier to do so!

Pyriform Press now gives you the option of purchasing copies of Nerve Lantern with your Paypal account.

Simply follow the instructions on the How to Order page, emailing your order info to Ellen Redbird.

Ellen will then email you an invoice with a link to paying via Paypal.

Currently, Issue 6 of Nerve Lantern (printed book) is available to order.

Nerve Lantern: Axon of Performance Literature

Issue 6

Winter 2013

• 106 pages
• Ellen Redbird, editor
• Cover art: Stacy Elaine Dacheux

Contributors: Joel Allegretti • Alan Andre • Douglas Barbour • Michael Basinski • Matthew Clifford • Eric Raanan Fischman • Jessica Hagemann • Jeff Harrison • Dennis Leroy Kangalee • Ish Klein • Kris Lew • Magus Magnus • G. Matthew Mapes • Sheila E. Murphy • John J. Trause

Order Nerve Lantern

Jun 302012

Hello Performance Writers & Readership!

How can Nerve Lantern be of service?

  • Would you like to have links to your literary websites listed on the Community page of the Pyriform Press website?
  • Do you have a text-driven performance or Poets’ Theater fest you would like to have promoted?
  • A review of a performance or publication you would like posted?
  • Suggestions as to which performance writers should be represented in Nerve Lantern?
  • Ideas for collaboration and cross-pollination?
  • Are you a past contributor with a bio I could post on the site?
  • Would you like to contribute to Issue 6? Submissions are considered now until October 1, 2012.

Feel free to contact Ellen Redbird: