New book by Laura-Marie Taylor & Ellen Redbird

Pyriform Press is pleased to present a new book!

Keeping the X is a collection of poems that Laura-Marie Taylor and Ellen Redbird wrote and exchanged as winter gifts from 2009 to 2017. The poems are based on thematic prompts they offered each other. Tracking the exchange through time, this book offers a window into the playful and tender friendship between two poets.

From “song” by Laura-Marie Taylor:

For everything I bring in,
something’s got to go out.
Loose ends tie themselves,
pretend maps direct me
to plastic treasure.

From “Distance in Metaphor” by Ellen Redbird:

When I see you coming,
I want you to crash into me.
But I’m all lit up like a
medical building
near an airport.

Over 50 pages of poetry and drawings

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