Announcing the release of Nerve Lantern issues 8 & 9!


Nerve Lantern 8 & 9 are available to order!

Enjoy 170 pages of exciting performance texts and texts about performance.

Issue 8 contributors: Joel Allegretti • Michelle DuPré • Hunter H. Fine • Davidson Garrett • Jeff Harrison • Stephanie Heit • LuLu LoLo • Bird Marathe • Hannah Rodabaugh • Zev Torres • John J. Trause • Chris Turnbull • Sue Brannan Walker

Issue 9 contributors: Atlanta Poets Group • Jay Besemer • Cathy Cavallone • Joel Chace • Christine Choi • Aimee Herman • Jeffrey Jullich • Mary Kasimor • Magus Magnus • James Sanders • Gary Sloboda • Anna Joy Springer

Cover art by Joel Chace

$10 per copy of either printed book
$5 per copy of either digital book (pdf)

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Pyriform Press is, for all intents and purposes, a not-for-profit. All sales money for Nerve Lantern go to help cover the cost of its materials, printing, publicity, and postage. Thanks for your support!

Nerve Lantern: Axon of Performance Literature, edited by Ellen Redbird and published by Pyriform Press, is a journal of experimental performance texts and texts about performance, supporting a range of forms including poets’ theatre and page-as-stage. To learn more and participate in our growing performance writing community, visit:

Many thanks to the contributors and volunteers!